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Building a converting presentation is a big challenge.

The struggle is real:

You pour your heart into creating a unique presentation…

Only to end up with a dull, unappealing result that took hours of your time.

Most of the slides and presentations you need have likely been created by others.

Why start from scratch every time?

You keep running into the same problems:

Spending days painstakingly crafting a presentation.

Battling with colors and branding guidelines.

Constantly second-guessing the best way to display information.

Facing impossible deadlines.

Late nights spent fighting with PowerPoint layouts.

Struggling to make your point with bad visuals or dense text.

Wow, sounds miserable…

Imagine having access to a repository of millions of slides and presentations tailored to your pitch or topic, backed by a powerful search engine to find exactly what you need.

PitchSend offers just that - a comprehensive library of top-quality presentation materials, saving you countless hours and ensuring a polished, professional result every time. Say goodbye to frustration and wasted effort, and hello to a smarter, more efficient way to create impactful presentations.

Introducing PitchSend

PitchSend is your secret weapon for creating captivating pitches and presentations. Access a wealth of slides from top companies in your industry and discover how they craft compelling narratives that wow investors and stakeholders.

With PitchSend, you can:

Create engaging, visually stunning slides that earn recognition.

Meet deadlines effortlessly with a clear vision of what to create.

Present confidently, aligning your style with industry leaders.

Save hours by downloading slides directly to PowerPoint.

Eliminate the stress of creating high-quality presentations from scratch.

Find instant inspiration by searching PitchSend's extensive library.

Elevate your presentations and watch your ideas resonate like never before with PitchSend.


Better presentations


Time savings


Increased productivity

Features at a Glance

An overview of the core features of PitchSend and how you can use it to boost your presentation game.

1,007,255 slides

We have collected over a million slides from real companies. Export any slide to PowerPoint.

55,764 presentations

With over 50,000+ presentations you can find presentations on any topic or theme.

Powerful search

Find highly accurate search results within seconds using our powerful search feature.

Compatible with PowerPoint

Most presentations are fully editable in PowerPoint.

Export Slide

Export anything

Download any presentation or slide to PowerPoint and edit it. Most presentations are 100% editable including text, images, colors and more.

Save to collections

Save slides to collections so you can build presentation outlines quicker.

PitchSend has saved me countless hours searching for slide inspiration. I use it almost daily to come up and brainstorm ideas for presentations and what I'm pitching.

Getting Started with PitchSend

Get started for free and with a few simple steps.

Step 1

Browse and Select Your Slides

Discover from over a million unique slides in many different sectors and categories. Finding what you need won't be a problem.

Step 2

Build Your Collection

Save slides and presentations to your collection.

Step 3

Export Presentation Seamlessly

Export your slides and presentations to PowerPoint and edit them to match your brand and content.

Try PitchSend for free today and browse millions of slides and presentations.

Find Slides On Anything

With over 54,000+ presentations, you can find a diverse collection of slides on any category.

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Is PitchSend Right For You?

See if we can create value for you

You're a perfect fit if

You want high-quality slides from top companies to find different styles and presentations.

You lack the design skills needed to create appealing slides.

You need inspiration quickly to meet a deadline.

You want to set yourself apart from your competition.

You want the best ways to communicate your ideas and pitch.

You need a wide variety of presentations from companies in your sector.

You don't want to hire an outside designer to create your slides.

You want a library of presentations you can access anytime.

You want to save time by not starting from scratch on every presentation.

You want to feel confident in your presentations by learning from successful companies.

PitchSend might not be the best fit if

You have ample time to create original slides from scratch.

You prefer using standard, templated presentations.

You enjoy navigating complex design software.

You like inconsistent branding across slides.

You don't mind spending hours researching for presentations.

PitchSend has saved me countless hours searching for slide inspiration. I use it almost daily to come up and brainstorm ideas for presentations and what I'm pitching.

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Brilliant idea! Glad I found this, creating slides is a big pain point for me.

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This is awesome! Thank you so much for creating this.

DeAnn Crook

I've been using since the beginning and the growth of this product has been incredible!

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Very well done! I look forward to checking it out.

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