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Professionals from every industry and sector use PitchSend to research companies, build better presentations, and uncover new insights about their competitors.

Increase productivity

Find the presentations and slides you need in seconds, rather than searching the internet for hours.

Find insights

Uncover rare insights that have been buried in publically released presentations.

Market research

Search our database for your competitors and see how they are doing business and uncover insights.

Leverage AI

Have AI summarize and even find bespoke new insights for you.

The platform for inspiration on content, strategy, design, and more.

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With over 1,007,000 slides, you can find slides on any topic.

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Filter by company, category, year

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Search through 1000s of companies like AirBnB, OpenAI and more.

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Find hidden and rare insights using our advanced Transcript search.

Search millions of transcripts

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Market research

Research companies in your industry with our presentation database

Build better presentations

Find the slides you need and export them to PowerPoint


Save your top slide or presentation finds for later

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1,007,000 slides from public presentations from thousands of companies.


50,000+ presentations like earnings releases, pitch decks, investor updates and more.


Search through our slide transcripts for hidden insights and information.

Editable PowerPoints

Download any slide or presentation to PowerPoint and edit it.

Advanced Search

Leverage our powerful search engine to find exactly what you need.

Leverage AI

Ask our AI Assistant to uncover rare insights and increase efficiency.

Is PitchSend Right For You?

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You're a perfect fit if

You want high-quality slides from top companies to find different styles and presentations.

You lack the design skills needed to create appealing slides.

You need inspiration quickly to meet a deadline.

You want to set yourself apart from your competition.

You want the best ways to communicate your ideas and pitch.

You need a wide variety of presentations from companies in your sector.

You don't want to hire an outside designer to create your slides.

You want a library of presentations you can access anytime.

You want to save time by not starting from scratch on every presentation.

You want to feel confident in your presentations by learning from successful companies.

PitchSend might not be the best fit if

You have ample time to create original slides from scratch.

You prefer using standard, templated presentations.

You enjoy navigating complex design software.

You like inconsistent branding across slides.

You don't mind spending hours researching for presentations.

Recent Success Stories

From PitchSend's power users.

Erica Foster

This is killer! I love finding new slide layouts and ideas.

Sherri Erikson

Awesome resource - looking forward to using this.

Elmer Ray

Brilliant idea! Glad I found this, creating slides is a big pain point for me.

Harvey Bernstein

This is awesome! Thank you so much for creating this.

DeAnn Crook

I've been using since the beginning and the growth of this product has been incredible!

Lee Reid

Very well done! I look forward to checking it out.

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