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Incredibly easy for you and for your audience

PitchSend makes it easy to convert audience members into leads for your email list, providing maximum ROI.

@ Sign

Get a custom alias e.g. matt@pitchsend.com

PitchSend Square Logo

Add your alias to your slides, ebook, video etc. with a call-to-action.

Robot sending slides

Audience sends an email and receive an automated message from you.

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PitchSend captures all the incoming leads for your list.

Built for Simplicty

Write a response email and you're done

PitchSend is the easiest and most frictionless way to build your lead list. All you need to do is write the follow-up email your audience receives in their inbox. After that, you can place your PitchSend alias anywhere. Check out our founder's live example.

Simple yet flexible

PitchSend works across many different channels

Because it only requires an audience member sending an email, you can use PitchSend in a ton of different use cases. Most use PitchSend to capture leads from platforms where you normally don't have access to your audience's email address.

Live Audience

Speakers & Conferences

No matter what kind of event you're at, your audience has access to email. Just add your PitchSend email to your slide and put it in your slides. You're immediately getting email addresses from the audience and you can add calls-to-action in the response email.

Amazon and Book Logo

Print & Ebook Authors

Authors have always had difficulty knowing exactly who their customers are. With PitchSend, you put your email at the beginning of the book and customers send their emails to get access to all the extras for the title.

Presentation at Web Summit

Entrepreneurs & Accelerators

Demo Day presentations are one of the most important in your life. Making sure you capture interest from the audience and promptly following-up is critical for raising your next round.

YouTube & Apple Podcast Logos

YouTubers & Podcasters

Being at the mercy of major platforms is scary for all creators. Giving your audience access to extras through PitchSend means you have a direct connection to your viewers/listeners. Just put your PitchSend email in the video or podcast description and you're on your way.

Check out a live example, email our founder.


Find the right plan for you

We're currently in private beta. Prices & plans are coming soon. If you want access to the private beta, reach out and we'll see what we can do!


Coming Soon

Professional Plan

For professionals with an already existing audience, advanced features, and unlimited use of PitchSend.



Enterprise Plan

For conferences, accelerators, MCNs, publishers, and any organizations that need group pricing or additional features.

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