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Blackrock, JP Morgan, KKR, Mapletree, AIR Communities

📩 New Slides - 4 July 2024

Hello BetterPitch readers!

Here are the top 5 decks we found at BetterPitch today.

1. Blackrock

Blackrock has $10.5T under management, a record as of Q1 ‘24.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Investments by type and region

  • Operating income and profitability by quarter

  • Benchmarking against major market indices

  • Finding and following industry tailwinds

  • Growing investment advisory and fee revenues

2. JP Morgan

JP Morgan holds 67% of market share in software equity deals.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Becoming the leading software M&A advisor

  • Advising Inovalon on their growth

  • Ideal SaaS growth capital structure

  • Investors targeting Inovalon’s equity offering

  • Completing an equity offering in 1-2 weeks

3. KKR

KKR has $71B of real estate under management.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Building an all-star team

  • Differentiating your investment thesis

  • Conservatively managing liability

  • Starting niche, then expanding

  • Shielding portfolio from interest rate risks

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4. Mapletree

Mapletree acquired $207M of data centers.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Rationale for large acquisitions

  • Strategic expansion into data centers

  • Financing assets conservatively

  • Bolt-on acquisitions to a larger portfolio

  • Managing 700k SF of data centers

5. AIR Communities

AIR invests in value-add multifamily communities.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Focusing on high-quality, stabilized multifamily

  • Investing in eight core US markets

  • Shying away from property development, only acquisitions

  • Identifying durable, stable communities to acquire

  • Maintaining disciplined capital allocation

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