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McDonald's, SVB, Ebay, Buzzfeed, Onion

📩 New Slides - 12 June 2024

Hello BetterPitch readers!

Here are the top 5 decks we found at BetterPitch today.

1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s serves 65M people daily across 40k restaurants.

This slide deck highlights:

  • McDonald’s strategic evolution

  • Stats behind the world’s largest restaurant

  • The future of fast food

  • Capital allocation philosophy

  • The McDonald’s system

2. Silicon Valley Bank

44% of venture-backed IPOs in 2022 were Silicon Valley Bank clients.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Banking during Covid

  • Strong capital and liquidity

  • Resilient business model

  • Robust loan growth

  • 68% of loans in low credit loss segments

3. Ebay

Ebay acquired Skype for $2.6B.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Why acquire Skype?

  • Transaction summary

  • Skype revenues and business model

  • Accelerating e-commerce

  • Ebay, Paypal, Skype synergies

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4. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed attempted (and failed) a $1.5B SPAC.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Transaction overview

  • Expansion of business model

  • Digital tailwinds

  • Growth flywheel

  • Consolidation strategy

5. Onion

Onion aims to be the dream Chinese factory of lifestyle brands.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Incubating brands

  • High growth business model

  • Chinese market opportunities

  • Company history

  • Offering summary

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