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OpenAI, ZoomInfo, Carlyle, Yelp, DropBox

📩 New Slides - 31 May 2024

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Here are the top 5 decks we found at BetterPitch today.

1. OpenAI’s Early Days

Each GPT update is a >103x improvement from the last.

This slide deck highlights:

  • OpenAI’s roadmap

  • Building the future

  • Technological breakthroughs

  • Self sufficient AI

  • GPT improvements

2. ZoomInfo Company Overview

ZoomInfo has 220M+ contacts.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Monetizing sales data

  • Reaching 20,000+ total customers

  • Hitting 65% YoY revenue growth

  • Employing 1,900+ people

  • Charging $1M+ on large accounts

3. Carlyle Investor Day

Carlyle has $246B under management.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Earning $520M in fees

  • Investing in natural resources and private credit

  • Real estate tailwinds

  • Importance of private market allocations

  • Data driven investments

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4. Yelp - Monetizing Trust

Yelp turned reviews into a $1.34B per year business.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Connecting consumers and local businesses

  • Trust driving growth

  • Yelp is all things local

  • Consumers value quality reviews

  • Venturing into local service reviews

5. DropBox - Keeping Teams in Sync

DropBox has over 700M users.

This slide deck highlights:

  • 15 years of growth

  • Strategic acquisitions

  • Land and expand client acquisition strategy

  • Reaching 82% gross margins

  • Projecting $964M in 2024 free cash flow

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