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SeedInvest, a16z, Disney, SmileDirectClub, Nikola

📩 New Slides - 9 July 2024

Hello BetterPitch readers!

Here are the top 5 decks we found at BetterPitch today.

1. SeedInvest

$465M+ has been invested through SeedInvest by 700k+ investors.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Examples of recent investor exits on SeedInvest

  • Investing in companies, like Heliogen,, PetDesk

  • Challenges with secondary market liquidity

  • Current state of online fundraising

  • $2B+ raised by SeedInvest portfolio

2. a16z

a16z released a market map of the state podcasting.

This slide deck highlights:

  • History of podcasting

  • Rapid growth of podcasting

  • Apple’s decline in podcast dominance

  • Top 10 podcast publishers

  • Biggest exits & startup market map

3. Disney

Disney had shareholder returns of 554% from 2005 to 2020 while Bob Iger was CEO.

This slide deck highlights:

  • M&A track record of companies like Pixar and Marvel

  • $89B+ of capital returned to shareholders

  • Disney’s highly rated and strong balance sheet

  • EBITDA, net debt, leverage reconciliation

  • The future of Disney

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4. SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub has served 1.7MM customers since their beginning.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Saving customers $5B+ in dental care

  • Building a brand people love

  • Building credibility in the dental industry

  • Strategic value creation in vertical integration

  • Long term business plans

5. Nikola

Nikola raised $3.3B as the ‘Tesla killer’, things have since gone downhill.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Nikola's entire Q2 2020 revenue was installing $36,000 of solar panels at founder Trevor Milton's house

  • Nikola's 'pace-setting speed-to-market' led to some embellishment

  • Overview of Nikola’s addressable market

  • Growing to a $32B valuation

  • Station infrastructure and development

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