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SpaceX, Robinhood, Coinbase, Supreme, OKC Tower

📩 New Slides - 23 April 2024

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Here are the top 5 decks we found at BetterPitch this week.

Okay, now back to our top finds:

1. SpaceX

SpaceX raised $9.8B across 30 funding rounds.

Elon Musk made $180M when PayPal was acquired. He then invested $100M in SpaceX, $70M in Tesla, and $10M in SolarCity. Elon’s plan is to make humanity a multi-planetary species with Mars as the first stop.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Mission to Mars

  • Mars colonization renderings

  • Technical rocket capabilities

2. Robinhood

Robinhood raised $4.7B from investors before going public.

Robinhood built a brand around helping retail investors compete with Wall Street. In late 2020, Gamestop, a struggling video game retailer had been heavily shorted by hedge funds. A group of Redditor retail investors bought Gamestop using Robinhood to trigger a short squeeze. The stock jumped 30x. Amidst the squeeze, Robinhood halted trading of Gamestop citing “market volatility” which caused backlash from the users. The biggest short seller, Melvin Capital, lost $7B on the deal. Robinhood IPO’d a few months later and raised an extra $3.4B to reduce stock volatility from the retail Redditors.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Robinhood’s mission

  • Retail investor growth

  • Future of investment technology

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3. Coinbase

Coinbase raised $600k with this pitch deck.

Coinbase started when Bitcoin was $6. 10 years later, Bitcoin hit an all-time-high of $75k and Coinbase reached a $100B valuation.

This slide deck highlights:

  • A new digital currency

  • Coinbase: A hosted Bitcoin wallet

  • User growth

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4. Supreme

Supreme sold to VF Corp for $2.1B.

VF Corp owns Vans, North Face, Timberland, and more.

This slide deck highlights:

  • Transaction overview

  • Growth strategy

  • Strategic rationale

5. OKC Tower

The US’s new 2nd tallest building.

A California developer plans to build a 1,750' tower in OKC. The project would be the 2nd tallest building in the US behind the One World Trade Center at 1,776'.

  • Project summary

  • Public benefits

  • Financials

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